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About The Hostel Sinkule

Hostel Sinkule in Prague is a mere 1.5km from Prague Castle, which gives you some kind of an indication as to where it is located within the city. Of course, this is going to mean that you will be able to get to all of the key parts of the city and to really take in everything that the city has to offer tourists.

With this hostel, they have a total of 30 rooms available and they come in various shapes and sizes making it easier for you to then be able to find something that will ultimately prove to be perfect for your needs. There are dorms available as well as twin rooms and everything in between. This means that you should be able to find something according to what you want and do so without too many problems. Each room is clean and with ample storage space for your belongings.

Hostel Sinkule also has a number of facilities that it can offer you but first of all you should be aware that they do provide free Wi-Fi for all guests and if you let them know in advance then pets are also allowed. Aside from this, they do have a 24 hour front desk, so you will have no problem in then getting any answers to any questions or complaints that you may have during your stay and the staff are certainly going to be more than happy to answer them.

You will also notice that if you wish a snack then there are a selection of vending machines available. The hostel is also good for families and the staff speak several languages so there is no need to feel stressed about any part. The staff that work at the hostel are capable of making you feel at home while you stay there and they certainly know what is going on in and around Prague at the time of your stay. Ask their advice and they will certainly point you in the right direction.

Overall, Hostel Sinkule in Prague is well situated in the city and even though it may not be in the absolute heart of the city, it is still close enough for you to get to know what is around you without having to stray too far. The place is clean and comfortable enough and when you are looking at staying somewhere on a budget, then this is certainly going to be somewhere that you should seriously consider.


Last Updated: May 2021.